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Genesis Genesis

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Short version:

Very interesting mix of sounds and feels going on in this piece that, overall, makes me wish each part was a whole minute longer so that it could have developed more.

Long Version:

The beginning 18 seconds of the song left me wondering what was going to happen. It could have literally gone anywhere from that grungy noise (reference to genre, not quality of the sound itself).

Upon reaching the 19 second mark where the actual melody comes in, I was left excited at the wonderful tones coming in. My wish at this point was that the transition was a little longer, leaving that original noise to play along with the piano(?) for a little bit before dieing away. When the percussion came in, i was even more excited to see where else the song would go. Unfortunately, the song basically ended right there.

This piece left me wanting more. As I said in the short version, I kind of wish the song was 3 minutes longer, so that each section could be developed a little further.

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connorhawke responds:

Thanks for the review! So the gist is make it longer. It's supposed to be an intro track but I will keep in mind the possibility of developing something further out of it. ;)

Kamubakku Kamubakku

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

So, the short version. I like the song. It is very weird in a good way! Not something I would normally consider listening to.

The long version.

As much as I like it, there are a few critiques I need to throw in.

First, in the beginning, one of the synths being used plays for a short period of time, and its decay is slightly jarring. As in it ends too soon, and I feel a smoother fade out would blend it better with what is going on in the background.

After the intro section, the main synth that is looping is a little on the harsh side, but aside from that sounds great!

The section where the kick drum comes in is pretty awesome. the kick fits perfectly with everything else.

Thanks for posting!

MVCVBRX responds:

I appreciate the feedback. Thank you! I'll be taking notes.