Entry #3

Been a while

2017-04-05 10:22:06 by TimothyAdan

It's been a little while since I've been here, so I figured I would upload a fair amount of the work I've done since my last log-in. A fair smattering of different genres as well which makes me happy!

I might also upload sound effects, we shall see.

I have been working on a new demo reel for the Wwise middleware. The last one I made was about 3 years ago, so it is outdated, and my style has changed a bit since then. Right now it's mostly sound effects, but I do have some music written. I don't know if I'm going to upload that yet or not.


That is it for this update, for now.


If you want to visit my website, go here: https://timothyadan.wordpress.com/


If you want to visit my soundcloud, go here: https://soundcloud.com/brassbgeek


Have a great day!


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