Entry #1

Just Joined

2015-08-24 23:25:49 by TimothyAdan

And hello Newgrounds. I am Timothy Adan, composer by day, gamer by night (that is my youtube intro that I have for some reason fallen in love with).


As my corny intro states, I am a composer and sound designer. I write music, and I make noises for the good of all of gaming kind. I have been looking for places to find like minded fellows, and for obvious reasons these forums came up on my radar.


Hello folks nice to meet you!


As mentioned before, I have a youtube channel that I try to update every once in a while: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCaxotLaZGl0L4trFp3v0Pg


I also have a website that I try to keep up to date a bit more often. This has my portfolio: https://timothyadan.wordpress.com/


Some time starting next month I will have more of a capacity to record many sounds. Starting around then, I will be putting up sound effects libraries for sale on my bancamp account.


Hope to get to know some of you. Have a great day!


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